We're no longer hosting RFRC - check the Run Club page for more info
How it all began   "It all started with four little words and the belief that everyone, regardless of ability needs some motivation from time to time."

During a slow and lonely spring training run after a long winter off, self proclaimed fair-weather runner Jillian D’Amato needed something to help motivate her to keep moving.

“I was struggling to keep my pace and get back home all while fighting my internal urge to walk, when I passed another runner who smiled at me. He must have felt for me and that smile was the push I needed.” From that silent exchange of encouragement by a fellow runner, an idea was born. The idea of using your shirt to motivate your fellow runner with only four little words “I LIKE YOUR PACE” was enough of a spark.

That spark manifested into a brand, that would eventually grow a community of runners of all abilities. Several years after that enlightening run, RUNFELLOW gear came to market at local races and community events, to do just that, motivate runners.

We met thousands of runners while selling gear and spreading the belief that we’re all in this community together, regardless of pace. After countless events and months of meeting people who also believed in our ethos, we responded to their request for a run club. In hindsight a run club would have been part of our plan all along, but admittedly it wasn’t. Our intention of building a community of runners through positive performance gear was further validated by our newly thriving club.

RUNFELLOW Run Club (RFRC) grew to define what RUNFELLOW is and exemplifies who we are today. Since the success of the run club, the brand has shifted its focus, from creating custom printed gear to coordinating twice weekly free runs and other events to engage with the local community.

After 6 amazing years, with an unbelievable community to show for it, RUNFELLOW is no longer hosting a weekly Run Club, but check out our Run Club page to find another to fill your Tuesday/Thursday run void.

Thanks for being a part of our passion project. – Jillian + Josh


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